I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the procedure performed on my racehorse Canyouwatchoverme. Prior to your visit the horse reefed, hung and pulled in his work to such a degree that it became unpleasant to drive him and that his performance was hindered. Since having his teeth done he has quieted down, straightened his head and is a pleasure to be around. He has now had 4 race starts for 2 seconds and 2 wins, and looks set to perform very well at the top grades.

Again, many thanks for your professionalism, attention to detail and your excellent "bedside manner" with the horses.

Bruce Lloyd
Alpha Lodge Racing Stables

I would like to say a big thank you to Amanda for her amazing dental work on Fergus. The results were almost instant! I never knew how much a horse could be affected by its teeth and while Amanda explained the work she was doing on Fergus, it become apparent that a lot of the problems Fergus and I were having, was because of his sore mouth. Our flatwork has improved tremendously and Fergus seems so much happier when we are out hacking and gearing up. All thanks to Amanda. I will be sure to recommend Amanda’s service to friends and family for all their equine dentistry needs. Thanks again!!

Lorissa King

It was great to meet you and have you out to treat Bella. Since your visit I have noticed that she isn't dropping the small amounts of feed that she used to. This is great as I am no longer wasting feed and she is continuing to put on weight. I have also noticed a difference while riding, she doesn't drift as much on the right rein as she used to grab the bit to do so. Bella doesn't hang her tongue out anymore when her bridle is on which makes for better show photos. I think she is alot more comfortable since the treatment and didn't quite realise the significance of dental treatment till she had been done. Thank you so much for your time. I (and I'm sure she does too) look forward to her next check up in a years time.

Sarah Vernon

I have been using Amanda for several years now for my western competition Quarter-horses and have been extremely happy with the way their dental health is being managed. Amanda is great with the horses, lovely to chat with and it is always a positive experience to have the horses teeth done. Amanda really keeps track of what is happening and talks in depth about what is going on with the individual horse’s teeth so you feel informed and in control of the process. I happily recommend Amada to everyone I speak to about dentistry.

Jane Valentine-Burt
Subconscious Solutions

Astek Gymnast

National Level 2 Champion 2010
National Grand Champion Young Dressage Horse 2010 and 5 year old National Champion

I have been using Amanda as my equine dentist for nearly 3 years. I have been very happy with the work she has done. I really like the way Amanda is gentle and sympathetic with the horses and yet still does an effective job. It makes a dentists visit a very relaxed experience for the horses. If I have any issues with the horses contact or training, she listens and is happy to discuss possible causes with me. She even sends reminders and is always on time! I would always be happy to recommend Amandas services.

Victoria Wall
www.eliteequine.co.nz / www.finishlinehorse.co.nz / www.gatewayequine.co.nz

Amanda shows an excellent understanding of the functional and clinical anatomy of the equine mouth. She practices a high standard of remedial dental work and is well versed in the best management and treatment strategies for differing dental pathologies. I have no hesitation in providing veterinary services for her and referring her my advanced dental cases.

David van Zwanenberg BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS
Kumeu Veterinary Service Ltd

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